Asthma Care Training (ACT) for Kids

This Program is Validated ACT is an asthma education and self-management program designed for children ages 7 to 12 and their parents. The program is divided into three, 1.5-hour sessions in which the parents and children are taught in separate classrooms and then brought together at the end of each session to share their new knowledge. ACT teaches children to work in cooperation with their parents and health care professionals to improve their decision-making skills and self-management behaviors. This occurs through a series of interactive games and activities that teach children how to identify asthma-related symptoms, ways to communicate with adults, ways to avoid triggers, how to take preventive measures, and the appropriate use of medications.

ACT Training Kit Contents

This Program is Validated This symbol indicates a “validated” health education program – demonstrated through formal research to be an effective educational intervention.


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